Is becoming an air crew member right for me?

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How to become an Air Crew Member

Depending on the chosen role, the qualifications for being a air crew member vary widely. Those who choose to work in the army must have normal colour vision, 20/20 vision, and a minimum height of 64 inches.

The qualifications required depend heavily on the role that each individual takes on. A pilot must possess the qualifications relevant to their country's aviation authorities. All members can expect to undergo army training, as well as extra training at specialist army bases.

Those who work in the civilian aviation industry are responsible for large numbers of passengers, and will need to be able to coordinate their escape routes in emergency situations. All civilian workers should know how to swim.

Those who work in the army must be physically strong and healthy. Each crew member will have to undergo an aptitude test that will determine their suitability for their chosen sector.

While some air crew members may only need a high school diploma, those who choose to work as a pilot will need an aviation degree, as well as further practical training.