Is becoming an air crew officer right for me?

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How to become an Air Crew Officer

The pre-requisites for getting an entry-level job as an air crew officer are quite extensive. Modern airplanes contain complicated systems that require a lot of technical knowledge to operate properly. Serving in the Armed Forces is a very common career path thousands of civilian pilots follow.

A military background in aviation is actually preferable for employment in certain positions such as a cargo pilot. The practical flight experience provided offers the opportunity to get many hours of flight time, one of the main requirements for a pilot's license. Also, the military gives pilots the most advanced training in flight systems imaginable.

The alternative to military training is the degree path, such as an aviation degree.

Many of the best flight schools in North America offer technical education along with practical flight experience. One of the license requirements is having at least 250 flight hours. The top flight schools in the United States and Canada include the Moncton Flight College, the California Institute of Technology, and the United States Air Force Academy.