Computer and information research scientist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Computer and information research scientist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Alabama $121,990
Arkansas $97,460
Arizona $107,270
California $128,370
Colorado $117,330
Connecticut $121,590
District of Columbia $126,280
Delaware $88,240
Florida $95,990
Georgia $96,490
Hawaii $106,860
Idaho $129,400
Illinois $115,290
Indiana $101,210
Kansas $93,950
Louisiana $90,150
Massachusetts $111,450
Maryland $116,370
Michigan $103,470
Minnesota $130,830
Missouri $91,370
Mississippi $94,210
North Carolina $112,800
Nebraska $87,190
New Hampshire $130,320
New Jersey $124,240
New Mexico $132,350
Nevada $107,770
New York $125,090
Ohio $110,350
Oklahoma $85,190
Oregon $116,770
Pennsylvania $106,800
Rhode Island $116,600
South Carolina $99,640
Tennessee $105,800
Texas $122,840
Utah $95,720
Virginia $126,060
Washington $138,110
Wisconsin $74,170
West Virginia $63,510

How do computer and information research scientist salaries compare to similar careers?

Computer and information research scientists earn about the same as related careers in Delaware. On average, they make less than information security analysts but more than computer systems administrators.

Career Median Salary
Information security analyst salary $100K
Electrical engineer salary $98K
Software engineer salary $99K
Computer systems analyst salary $94K
Informatics nurse specialist salary $94K
Computer and information research scientist salary $88K
Operations research analyst salary $92K
Database administrator salary $90K
Computer programmer salary $80K
Computer systems administrator salary $76K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)