What are the different areas of finance that a Financial Analyst can work in?

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Aside from the actual location of where financial analysts work, which is typically in an office environment, one should also note the different areas of finance in which they can work. These can be diverse and multi-faceted.

Investment banking is the area with which most people associate financial analysts, but some financial analysts secure jobs in corporations and businesses that are not wholly centred on investment. These companies can be involved in any area of business. Financial analysts working for such businesses are there primarily to manage financial portfolios and act as advisors. For instance, they may manage budgets and advise upon the condition of the company’s finances. However, if they gauge a potential area where the corporation or business can expand or invest, they may advise the relevant personnel to carry out the appropriate expansion or investment. This is why financial analysts are an invaluable asset to businesses and corporations, and why the role of a financial analyst is an esteemed and significant one within a company.

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