What is a Chartered Financial Analyst?

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A chartered financial analyst, or CFA, is someone who has passed a series of intense exams and has obtained the relevant credential from the CFA Institute, which is based in the US. If one possesses the title of being a chartered financial analyst, their prospect of attaining employment with a top investment firm will increase dramatically.

To acquire the necessary credential, or to become a charterholder, a financial analyst is required to have worked for four years in the field of financial analysis. They must pass three six-hour exams, which are notoriously difficult, even for someone with plenty of experience and relevant knowledge.

If a prospective candidate is successful however, the rewards can definitely be worthwhile. The CFA Institute’s benchmark for success means that any financial analyst who has passed the exams will be held in high regard. According to their website, the CFA Institute ‘sets the standard for excellence in the industry,’ and this view is held as a truism within the realm of financial analysis.

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