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Depending on which lens through which you look, becoming a financial analyst could be an exhilarating, rewarding career choice, or it could be an arduous, gruelling career choice. Certainly, this is a good career for anyone excited by risk management, numbers and algorithms, and a fast- paced work environment. Notwithstanding, and even if you are excited by all these aspects of a career in financial analysis, you must also possess huge reserves of grit and determination to succeed.

While some people may think that a financial analyst can exist somewhat in the background of an institution, deciphering numbers and producing resultant figures and charts, one should note that having excellent interpersonal skills is a huge asset. This is an especially suitable and good career if you are able to think in an elevated capacity and have acute visionary skills regarding finances and budgets, but also feel comfortable communicating these in a simple and effective manner.

The financial rewards of being a financial analyst are certainly appealing, but it should not be the primary motivation for entering this career. Satisfaction, for a financial analyst who seeks a career with longevity, will come from engaging in critical thinking every work day and undertaking constant detailed analysis.

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