Are visits to a Dermatologist covered by health insurance?

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Consultations by a dermatologist which are considered medically necessary are generally covered by health plans. These include visits for non-cosmetic reasons such as:

Advanced or severe acne
Infections and rashes
Keloids – tough scars which rise abruptly above the rest of the skin and tend to enlarge progressively
Port wine stains – large, deep red birthmarks typically on the face
Poison ivy
Skin cancer

Removal of tattoos, botox injections, microdermabrasion (skin ‘sanding’ to reveal an undamaged, smoother layer of skin), and chemical peels fall into the elective or nonessential category and are therefore typically pay-on-your-own services.

While these distinctions between covered and elective procedures are a guideline based on common practice, different insurance companies offer different plans and policies with varying benefits and degrees of coverage. Most dermatologists are knowledgeable about which health plans cover their various services.

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