How did some paralegals answer the question, What has been your best experience as a paralegal?

Being trusted with my own caseload of lower value claims; attending inquests with counsel and conferences with counsel, medical experts, and claimants.

Being treated like an adult human. Being asked my opinion on legal matters.

Attending a high-profile inquest with a client and counsel, and achieving a ¬positive outcome for the client. Receiving positive feedback from a client saying that I helped her when she often felt she was ‘drowning.’

Negotiating conditions for an alcohol license at a meeting with officials and local residents, as the sole legal representative of the firm.

My first-ever mediation which I had to attend alone, which resulted in the other side dropping their claim.

Attending a closing meeting where I worked opposite an experienced lawyer who treated me as an equal and asked for my opinion/advice.

Feeling like a valued member of a team that gained regulatory clearance for an industry-leading merger.

Writing the first draft of a response letter to be sent to the other side’s lawyers in relation to a defamation claim.

Feeling valued for doing the same level of work as a lawyer and moving into management of paralegals.

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