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Good mechanical engineers are innovators at heart, and truly enjoy complex problem solving. They have excellent communication skills (both oral and written) and enjoy working with others as team players. They are excited to be on the cutting edge of technology, learning how to make things work more efficiently. Mechanical engineers feel a sense of accomplishment when turning their ideas into reality and solving problems that better society. They are naturally curious, strong analytical thinkers, innovative, creative, practical, and have a desire to help people and the world around them.

Mechanical engineering involves developing and designing products that solve mechanical problems, typically within challenging timeframes. Often, mechanical engineers develop products for clients who are not familiar with mechanical engineering terminology. They may have to explain complex machines, devices, and ideas to people, therefore strong communication skills are necessary in order to explain things clearly and effectively.

Being a mechanical engineer involves a lot of teamwork and having to collaborate with others. Good communication is needed when taking the lead in mechanical design and manufacturing projects, as it often means working with other professionals that are not mechanical engineers (such as computer scientists and mechanical designers) to invent technologies, draw up blueprints, and solve complex problems.

The following are certain sought-after mechanical engineering skills that make for a good mechanical engineer. Some are soft skills and some are technical skills:

Problem Solver
Analytical Thinker
Detail Oriented
Team Worker
Communicator and Leader
Explainer of Design Ideas
Able To Adjust Design if Needed
Developer of Prototypes
Tester of Prototypes
Has Excellent Math and Computer Skills
Has Sound Knowledge of Engineering Fundamentals
Able To Perform Equipment and System Calculations
Able To Prepare Designs and Estimates
Able To Read and Interpret Drawings and Specifications
Knowledgeable of Machining and Fabrication Processes
Able To Understand Diagrams, Drafts, and Flow-Charts
Designer of Projects
Able To Develop Project Scope and Timeline
Effective Worker Under Pressure
Building Materials Tester
Has Experience With Product Validation
Can Provide Cost Estimates for Materials, Equipment, and/or Labor
Problem Solver
Able To Recommend Modifications for Design Improvements
Comfortable Writing Technical Reports
Comfortable Presenting
Able To Manage and Monitor Each Project Stage
Able To Oversee Project Manufacturing Process
Able To Work With 3D AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design)
Able To Use Engineering Product Data Management Software (EPDM)
Able To Use Pro-E CREO Computer Aided Design Software
Able To Identify Potential Design Improvements
Able To Meet Legal Guidelines and Safety Requirements
Able To Prepare Conclusion and Analysis Reports
Able To Complete Assigned Tasks Within Time and Cost Restraints
Able To Assemble Project Deliverables

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