What is some good advice for pharmacist students?

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One of the best ways to figure out whether pharmacy is the right career path for you, is to volunteer or apply for a job as a pharmacy technician. It's important to have some work experience for your resume, and at the same time, it will expand your understanding of what the career entails.

If you do decide pharmacy is for you, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of school. A couple of fairly obvious pointers are to make sure you go to class and take good notes. Surprisingly, quite a few students don't go to class on a regular basis, and assume they can catch up later. Unfortunately, this will only worsen your study performance, so try and make it a practice to go to all your classes. While you're in class, take thorough, consistent and organized notes. Record the class lecture, if allowed, so you can go back and refer to the lecture if needed. Ask questions if you need clarification on the material. It shows the professor that you're engaged, and keeps you alert in class. If you're on the shy side, write the question down and ask the professor if you can speak to him/her one-on-one, or just communicate by email.

Balance your time. It can be overwhelming to juggle school, assignments, studies, work, and extracurricular activities. Try typing up notes into a study guide, or listening to recorded lectures the day after class etc. Try not to cram for an exam. Rather, study your material on a daily basis. A rule of thumb is that you should be studying two to three hours for every hour in class. Stress in unavoidable, especially in pharmacy school, but try to eat fairly healthy, exercise, take breaks, and keep a regular sleep routine.

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