What is it like being a pharmacist?

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The pharmacist's job is an important one, and requires careful attention to detail. A typical day can involve checking and dispensing medication, compounding medication, communicating with physicians, providing patients with pharmaceutical information, providing patients with health advice, explaining the proper use of medication, supervising staff/pharmacy technicians, etc.

Occasionally, pharmacists will have to deal with an upset or rude customer, however this is not a frequent occurrence. While a pharmacist's tasks will vary somewhat, each day is fairly similar and requires repetitive work. Days can be long (sometimes twelve hours long), and most of those hours will be spent standing. If you work for a retail/community pharmacy, you will most likely have to work weekends, evenings, and some holidays. Hospital pharmacies have more stable daytime work schedules. If you own your own pharmacy, you will be able to set your own hours.

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