What is some good advice for marine biology students?

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  • The best way to learn about marine life and how the ocean works is to do research. Talk to your professors, and get to know them. It is one of the best investments you can make as they are the ones that are running the labs and doing the research. They also know other professors/scientists doing research, and know who needs help, with what, and where.

  • If you are interested in scuba diving, learning how to dive is a valuable skill. One of the quickest ways to get in with the researchers at a university is to know how to dive. Researchers are always looking for divers, and you'll probably get many offers to help out with various research projects.

  • Take some computer programming courses. Scientists live in a world of data, so knowing how to program is essential.

  • Consider taking a research semester abroad. There are quite a few programs that will allow you to go abroad, do research, and get course credit.

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