How does one decide what type of lawyer to become?

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It would be a good idea to ask yourself a few questions when considering what type of lawyer to become:
- What attracts you to being a lawyer?
- What motivates you to make it your career?
- Who do you see yourself representing?
- What type of impact do you want to have in the world?
- What types of situations do you see yourself wanting to be engaged in?
- What type of lifestyle do you see yourself having in your profession?
- What do job prospects look like for the type of law you are considering?
- What classes do you enjoy the most in law school?

Most lawyers get into law for personal reasons. For example, if you feel strongly about worker's rights, then labour law might be the route for you. Strong beliefs about the rights of immigrants? Immigration law. The environment? Environmental law. If you want to make an impact in something you feel very strongly about, and there's a law for it, consider that avenue.

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