Is becoming a wind turbine services technician right for me?

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How to become a Wind Turbine Services Technician

Although not required, wind turbine services technician candidates who possess knowledge or experience as an electrician will have a better edge on grasping the job requirements than a candidate with no experience working with electricity. In addition to electrical experience, potential wind tech applicants must be prepared to occasionally travel to distant and desolate locations, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. If a wind turbine services technician is recruited by an international or cross-country wind farm employer, it may be necessary to completely relocate.

The position of wind turbine services technician is considered a fairly dangerous job. People considering this as a career should not be afraid of heights or confined spaces and should be able to behave in a safety cautious manner at all times. These requirements are very important because the majority of maintenance and repair on wind turbines requires the wind tech to climb the wind turbine or to climb into the turbines nacelle, which is a small confined place hundreds of feet in the air.

Since the use of wind turbines as a renewable energy is a relatively new development, there are only a few places where future wind turbine services technicians can complete a wind energy training program. These programs are found in several locations in the United States including California, Minnesota and North Carolina, as well as locations in Hamburg, Dubai, Istanbul, Madrid, Lisbon and many other worldwide locations. Due to limited space, these training sites are highly sought after and difficult to get into.