Wind turbine services technician earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Wind turbine services technician salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Arkansas $46,120
California $56,320
Colorado $67,040
Iowa $57,670
Illinois $63,430
Indiana $44,680
Kansas $58,190
Minnesota $55,040
North Dakota $65,840
New Mexico $46,740
New York $49,080
Oklahoma $47,830
Oregon $57,240
Pennsylvania $58,690
South Dakota $59,880
Texas $51,280
Washington $64,500
Wisconsin $45,360
West Virginia $77,840
Wyoming $46,170

How do wind turbine services technician salaries compare to similar careers?

Wind turbine services technicians earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than hydroelectric plant technicians but more than derrick operators.

Career Median Salary
Hydroelectric plant technician salary $58K
Avionics technician salary $54K
Facility maintenance mechanic salary $54K
Oil and gas rotary drill operator salary $55K
Millwright salary $56K
Wind turbine services technician salary $53K
Mining machine operator salary $55K
Rigger salary $51K
Aircraft mechanic salary $49K
Derrick operator salary $47K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)