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Genetics Requirements

Genetics is a rapidly developing part of modern biology, biotechnology and medicine, forming the basis of many major recent advances, and acting as a central link between diverse areas of biology. A student can learn about genetics at the undergraduate or graduate level before becoming a geneticist or similar scientist who works with gene studies. Many careers in this field require doctoral degrees in genetics or closely related fields; however, options are available to those who hold relevant bachelor's or master's degrees.

Genetics Careers

The career trajectory of people with a Genetics degree appears to be focused around a few careers. The most common career that users with Genetics degrees have experience in is Geneticist, followed by Genetic Counselor, Bioinformatics Scientist, Aquacultural Manager, Forensic Pathologist, Archaeologist, Molecular Biologist, Scientist, Statistician, and Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist.

Career % of graduates % of population Multiple
Geneticist 6.8% 0.0% 181.5×
Genetic Counselor 4.6% 0.0% 3665.5×
Bioinformatics Scientist 1.4% 0.0% 68.4×
Aquacultural Manager 3.6% 0.0% 1563.2×
Forensic Pathologist 3.1% 0.0% 1026.6×
Archaeologist 1.6% 0.1% 24.7×
Molecular Biologist 1.1% 0.1% 20.5×
Scientist 3.4% 0.2% 18.9×
Statistician 1.6% 0.1% 23.2×
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist 0.5% 0.1% 7.2×

Genetics Salary

Genetics graduates earn on average $40k, putting them in the 55th percentile of earners with a degree.

Percentile Earnings after graduation ($1000s USD)
25th (bottom earners) $34k
Median (average earners) $40k
75th (top earners) $45k

Genetics Underemployment

Genetics graduates are moderately employed compared to other graduates. We have collected data on three types of underemployment. Part-time refers to work that is less than 30 hours per week. Non-college refers to work that does not require a college degree. Low-paying includes a list of low-wage service jobs such as janitorial work, serving, or dishwashing.

Employment Type Proportion of graduates
Part-Time 32%
Jobs that don't require college 29%
Low-paying 8%

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