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Mathematics And Computer Science Requirements

Mathematics and computer science is a joint degree that combines an appreciation of mathematical reasoning with an understanding of computing. Mathematics is a fundamental tool in computing, but computing is being used more and more as a key component in mathematical problem-solving.

This degree offers potential computer scientists the ability to develop a deeper understanding of the mathematical foundations of their subject, and to become familiar with the mathematics of application areas where computers can solve otherwise intractable problems. It also gives mathematicians a practical understanding of the use of computers and a deeper understanding of the limits on the use of computers in their own subject.

Mathematics And Computer Science Careers

The career trajectory of people with a Mathematics And Computer Science degree appears to be focused around a few careers. The most common career that users with Mathematics And Computer Science degrees have experience in is Software Engineer, followed by Data Scientist, Computer Programmer, Mechanical Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Computer & Information Research Scientist, Financial Quantitative Analyst, Cartoonist, App Developer, and Back-End Developer.

Career % of graduates % of population Multiple
Software Engineer 3.9% 0.7% 5.3×
Data Scientist 2.7% 0.1% 31.2×
Computer Programmer 4.6% 0.7% 6.3×
Mechanical Engineer 1.2% 0.4% 2.9×
Software Quality Assurance Engineer 1.3% 0.2% 8.5×
Computer & Information Research Scientist 0.5% 0.0% 29.5×
Financial Quantitative Analyst 2.3% 0.0% 173.6×
Cartoonist 0.3% 0.1% 3.8×
App Developer 1.0% 0.1% 13.1×
Back-End Developer 1.0% 0.1% 14.1×

Mathematics And Computer Science Salary

Mathematics And Computer Science graduates earn on average $k, putting them in the bottom percentile of earners with a degree.

Percentile Earnings after graduation ($1000s USD)
25th (bottom earners) -
Median (average earners) -
75th (top earners) -

Mathematics And Computer Science Underemployment

Mathematics And Computer Science graduates are highly employed compared to other graduates. We have collected data on three types of underemployment. Part-time refers to work that is less than 30 hours per week. Non-college refers to work that does not require a college degree. Low-paying includes a list of low-wage service jobs such as janitorial work, serving, or dishwashing.

Employment Type Proportion of graduates
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