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Music Requirements

The Bachelor of Music is a degree for students who are interested in a professional career as a musician. Students are given a musical education that offers practical training enriched by literary, critical, historical and scientific perspectives acquired through complementary studies.

Music performance bachelor's degree programs offer students private and ensemble classes with their instrument of choice. Coursework often includes: Conducting; Music literature; Recital; Advanced music theory; and Music study.

The degree may be awarded for music performance, music education, composition, music theory, musicology/music history, music technology, music therapy, music ministry, music business, music entertainment, music production or jazz studies.

Music Careers

The career trajectory of people with a Music degree appears to be focused around a few careers. The most common career that users with Music degrees have experience in is Music Teacher, followed by Musician, Composer, Conductor, Piano Accompanist, Singer, Music Librarian, Music Therapist, Music Producer, and Audio Engineer.

Career % of graduates % of population Multiple
Music Teacher 10.8% 0.3% 38.7×
Musician 13.4% 0.7% 19.7×
Composer 7.2% 0.1% 65.4×
Conductor 8.2% 0.0% 365.8×
Piano Accompanist 4.7% 0.0% 160.4×
Singer 4.1% 0.2% 17.9×
Music Librarian 4.9% 0.0% 1623.1×
Music Therapist 3.4% 0.0% 216.3×
Music Producer 2.8% 0.1% 42.0×
Audio Engineer 10.6% 0.2% 62.2×

Music Salary

Music graduates earn on average $31k, putting them in the 15th percentile of earners with a degree.

Percentile Earnings after graduation ($1000s USD)
25th (bottom earners) $22k
Median (average earners) $31k
75th (top earners) $42k

Music Underemployment

Music graduates are not very well employed compared to other graduates. We have collected data on three types of underemployment. Part-time refers to work that is less than 30 hours per week. Non-college refers to work that does not require a college degree. Low-paying includes a list of low-wage service jobs such as janitorial work, serving, or dishwashing.

Employment Type Proportion of graduates
Jobs that don't require college 68%
Part-Time 46%
Low-paying 19%

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