Pitzer College.

Pitzer College

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About Pitzer College

Pitzer College is a private residential liberal arts college in Claremont, California. One of the Claremont Colleges, the college has a curricular emphasis on the social sciences, behavioral sciences, international programs, and media studies.


  • Offers and bachelor's degrees
  • 1,074 students
  • 0.29 faculty staff per student
  • Campus housing available
  • https://www.pitzer.edu

Notable programs at Pitzer College

Fine Arts
Most popular degree

The most popular degrees are Fine Arts, Environmental Science, Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Accounting, Mass Communication and Media Studies, and Computer Science.

Acceptance Rates

Acceptance Rate in 2017
Avg SAT Scores in 2017

608 students out of 3,753 applicants were accepted into Pitzer College.

Tuition and costs

Undergraduate tuition (2017)

In 2017, the cost of tuition at Pitzer College was $52,236. After taking into account the costs of books and supplies, room and board, and general living expenses, the average cost for students was $70,500.

Financial aid available at Pitzer College

Of undergrads receive grants
Of undergrads receive federal loans

43% of undergraduate students at Pitzer College received grants or loans in 2017.

The average award discount is the ratio between the average grant or scholarship value, and the cost, which is the sum of tuition, room, board, book, supplies, and other living expenses.

Average student living expenses at Pitzer College

Room & board
Books & supplies

The average yearly cost of room and board at Pitzer College was of $16,264 in 2017. During the same period, the average yearly cost of books and supplies was $1,000.

Diversity at Pitzer College

Ethnic Mix, 2017

Student Gender Mix, 2017