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Discover your top career matches using CareerExplorer’s cutting-edge science

Rapidly-advancing platform

Rapidly-advancing platform

Our machine learning models train on millions of data points, constantly improving the reliability and validity of our career test results.

Comprehensive model

Comprehensive model

We provide career matches based on your interests, goals, history, workplace preferences, and personality.

Intelligent enhancements

Intelligent enhancements

We continuously tweak our algorithms and update our datasets to provide industry-leading match accuracy.

Up-to-date information

Up-to-date information

We update our database of 1500+ career and degree profiles constantly to reflect the ever-changing world of work.

Get personalized recommendations

Learn as you go

Each part of the career test unlocks new discoveries — insights into what makes you unique and what career paths you’ll find most fulfilling, building up to your final results.

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Share your discoveries with friends and colleagues

Are you a Visionary? Scholar? Builder? Share your personality archetype and career matches with your community with one simple click.

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Complete the career test on your time

Our career test is thorough to give you the most accurate results, not just a quick, generic snapshot. Take the test on your phone, at your desk, on a commute — and come back to it anytime. You can always pick up where you leave off.

Find your career matches
Find your career matches

How We Determine Your Matches

Four dimensions of career fit

Four Dimensions
Workplace 01

Will the typical workplace of this career make me happy?

Whether you’re in an office or outside, working on a team or independently, your environment is a large contributor to your at-work happiness.

History 02

Will my past work and education help me get a job in this career?

Where you live, your experiences, and your education are important to take into consideration when choosing a career.

Interests 03

Will I find this career interesting?

Research shows that interest in a career or field is the number one predictor of career satisfaction.

Personality 04

Will I be good at this career?

Personality fit with a career is one of the best predictors of on-the-job performance.

Whether you’re pursuing education, in the early career stages of your career, pivoting to a new path, or just looking for answers, we’re here to help you discover where you’ll find happiness in the world of work.

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How our career test works

How our career test works

  • Measure who you are

    We ask you a series of questions that correspond to 150+ personality traits and learn about your career interests, skills, and goals.

  • Calculate career attributes

    We produce detailed profiles of 1,500+ careers and degrees based on labor market data, psychometric profiles, and other users’ reported happiness in them.

  • Compare the data

    We compare these two datasets to determine your compatibility with the careers and degrees in our database.

  • Determine your top career matches

    We surface the careers and degrees that are top matches for you, and provide insights on your unique personality.

What makes us unique

What makes us unique

We have more data and tools to optimize our career predictions than any other career test on the planet. This means your results are accurate, thorough, and nuanced, not a quick, generic snapshot like so many other career tests.

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Personality insights paired with career relevance
Real-time results as you complete the assessment
Career matches
Degree matches
Career satisfaction data
Machine learning algorithm trained on 500M+ past responses
Continuously-updated career profiles


Questions we receive

How much does it cost?

We want to help everyone learn more about themselves and make informed career decisions, so we’ve made our entire experience free. You’ll get your career and degree matches, insights, and even reports for free.

How long will the test take?

The full assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete. The thoroughness of our career test allows us to deliver personalized, nuanced results. We believe you shouldn’t base major life decisions — like your education and career — on a quick five-minute quiz. The assessment is made up of five sections and each unlocks an additional dimension of fit.

Why should I trust my career results?

We are very good at predicting the right career matches. During the test, we ask you for your general interest in a handful of randomly selected careers, as well as how satisfied you were in any previous careers. Our models use this information to get a baseline understanding of who you are and what you're interested in, but it's also anonymously combined with all the data we have from other users on their interests, as well as their satisfaction with their previous careers and degrees. We train ever better models from this growing dataset to better identify how your interests, work and education history, and personality inform what careers you'd be a good fit in. The predictions are unique to you but validated against millions of other users.

Can I retake the career test?

Yes, you can reset your account to take the career test more than once. Many people take the test on a semi-regular basis to see how their interests and results evolve over time.

Why do my results change?

Our career matching system updates in real-time, meaning that whenever you give us a new piece of relevant information, we will automatically update all of our recommendations for you. As we gather more data and create better models, it's also possible that your results might change as we better understand what makes a career the right fit for someone.

Who developed this career test?

Our career test items were developed by a team of I/O psychologists with years of experience in the field of psychometrics. Career data comes from numerous sources, including the the US Department of Labour’s O*Net Database, US Bureau of Statistics, UK government, CareerExplorer user data, and Sokanu’s proprietary in-house content team.

The career test platform is developed and maintained by the Sokanu team.

Who is this career test designed for?

People start new careers at many different stages of life, and nothing about our assessment is age-specific. We’ve designed a career test that works for adults as well as high school and college students.

Does your test discriminate?

We don’t use race or gender when generating matches, and we work hard to make sure that our test doesn’t discriminate where relevant.

How is my personal data handled?

We firmly believe that you own your data, not us. We never sell your personal data to third parties and we use industry-standard best practices, making sure your private information is always encrypted and secure. We are also happy to delete your data upon request.

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