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A self-serve platform for universities, high schools, independent educational consultants, career counselors, non-profits, and other organizations.

CareerExplorer for Organizations

World-Class Career Matching Technology

Packaged in a modern, engaging platform.

The Assessment

The CareerExplorer career assessment blends psychometrics and machine learning to help individuals learn how their traits, talents, interests, and values align with different careers and degrees.

Personality Traits

Each participant receives highly personalized reports that highlight their strengths, blind spots, how they stand out against their peers, and where they’ll thrive in the world of work.

Our Career Library

Our proprietary career encyclopedia contains 1,500+ career and degree profiles with in-depth, real-time information on salaries, market demand, career satisfaction, and more.

Organization Admin Dashboard

The Administrator’s Dashboard allows you to monitor student progress and review their results to provide relevant guidance during student visits.

Interactivity promotes
student engagement

Our seamless, mobile-first assessment results in higher completion rates and student engagement, directing even more students to your career center.

Your discoveries

Discoveries make career exploration inspiring and enjoyable

As they’re completing the assessment, students get previews of their matches and the qualities that make them different from others.

Your compatibility

Intuitive user experience empowers students to explore independently

Students come prepared for counseling sessions, saving counselors time and fostering better learning outcomes.



Apply your brand assets

Create a unique URL that leads to your custom landing page, co-branded with your logo and a personalized message to students.

Apply your brand assets

View your students’ activity

Use the Administrator’s Dashboard to view individual student information and progress.

View your students’ activity

Keep track of broader trends

Review aggregate data to track participation rates across your organization.

Keep track of broader trends

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