Welcome to the Cooperative States of America

The populations of some U.S. states appear to be much more—or much less—cooperative than others.

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Do you value teamwork and kindness, or do you prefer to work independently without interruption? Working together is vital in order for the country to move forward, but how cooperative are you with your colleagues? In order to get a sense of how well we work together across the country, we’ve looked at nationwide data gathered from our career test to get a glimpse of how cooperative the people of America are state by state.

So how does your state rank? Utah came out on top as the most cooperative state in America, with Massachusetts and Georgia rounding off the top three spots. At the other end of the spectrum, West Virginia was ranked the least cooperative state, followed by Idaho and Maine.

Here are the 10 states with the most cooperative workers:

#1: Utah
#2: Massachusetts
#3: Georgia
#4: Arizona
#5: Maryland
#6: North Dakota
#7: Florida
#8: New York
#9: Mississippi
#10: California

And here are the 10 states with the least cooperative workers:

#41: Kentucky
#42: Arkansas
#43: Wisconsin
#44: Wyoming
#45: Alabama
#46: South Dakota
#47: New Mexico
#48: Maine
#59: Idaho
#50: West Virginia

Our survey revealed a correlation between the most cooperative workers and the most populous states. California, Florida and New York are three of the four most densely populated states in America, and all ranked in this top 10 list. It could be that people in these highly populated areas have had to develop excellent people skills as a result of the volume of human interactions they face every day. They have seemingly learned how to work together to build integrated, unified and friendly workplaces and communities.

So what does this mean for you and your career? Our free career test will help you to realize what you value in your employment environment and what types of jobs are best for you. If cooperation and working in teams is important to you, then see where your state ranks in our cooperation survey and find out whether your current location is a good fit for you. If not, then a relocation to one of the top 10 states could be in the cards…

This post was updated on November 29, 2019 to reflect our new name.

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