Which Psychology Career is Best For You?

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Is there a branch of psychology that stands out among the rest? We took a look at some of the main specializations and compared them in our latest infographic.

Psychology is one of the most popular degrees in America. In 2013, 114,400 bachelor’s degrees were awarded in psychology. That’s 6.2% of all bachelor’s degrees awarded in total that year.

Over half of those in grad school are studying clinical or counseling psychology. School psychology is the next most popular, and industrial-organizational psychology is the fastest growing field.

Psychologists held approximately 173,900 jobs as of 2014. Most are self-employed or work in schools.

All four fields have more women than men, but clinical psychology is the most gender balanced.

Industrial-organizational psychologists make the most money, with and average salary of $97,820 USD.

It also generally takes longest to become an industrial-organizational psychologist.

The most satisfied people were with their salary, the less meaning they derived from their career.

Choosing the right psychology discipline depends on what is important to you.

Image credit: Good Will Hunting. Source.
Blog / Which Psychology Career is Best For You?
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