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About Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University ( (listen) WESS-lee-ən) is a private university in Middletown, Connecticut. Founded in 1831 as a men's college under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church and with the support of prominent residents of Middletown, the college was the first institution of higher education to be named after John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. It is now a secular institution. The college became fully co-educational in 1970 after also having accepted female applicants from 1872 to 1909. Before full co-education occurred, Wesleyan alumni and other supporters of women's education established Connecticut College for women in 1912. With Amherst and Williams colleges, Wesleyan is considered one of "the Little Three" liberal arts colleges. Its teams compete athletically as a member of the NESCAC. Wesleyan University has distinguished alumni in the arts and sciences, literature, politics and government, business, journalism, and academia. Its alumni include 13 Pulitzer Prize winners, 14 Rhodes scholars, three Truman scholars, three Guggenheim fellows, 156 Fulbright scholars, and seven MacArthur fellows. Additionally, four Nobel laureates have been associated with the university, all as faculty members. Among its prominent alumni are politicians and political appointees: 34 members of the United States Congress, 16 presidential cabinet members, 11 governors, six directors and heads of U.S. federal agencies, and two attorneys general of the United States. Its alumni have also been successful in business, including several CEOs and founders of Fortune 500 companies.


  • Offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees
  • 2,887 students
  • 0.36 faculty staff per student
  • Campus housing available
  • www.wesleyan.edu

Notable programs at Wesleyan University

Fine Arts
Most popular degree

The most popular degrees are Fine Arts, Biology, Molecular Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Art History, and History.

Acceptance Rates

Acceptance Rate in 2017
Avg SAT Scores in 2017

2,013 students out of 12,360 applicants were accepted into Wesleyan University.

Tuition and costs

Undergraduate tuition (2017)

In 2017, the cost of tuition at Wesleyan University was $52,804. After taking into account the costs of books and supplies, room and board, and general living expenses, the average cost for students was $69,935.

Financial aid available at Wesleyan University

Of undergrads receive grants
Of undergrads receive federal loans

43% of undergraduate students at Wesleyan University received grants or loans in 2017.

The average award discount is the ratio between the average grant or scholarship value, and the cost, which is the sum of tuition, room, board, book, supplies, and other living expenses.

Average student living expenses at Wesleyan University

Room & board
Books & supplies

The average yearly cost of room and board at Wesleyan University was of $14,466 in 2017. During the same period, the average yearly cost of books and supplies was $1,200.

Diversity at Wesleyan University

Ethnic Mix, 2017

Student Gender Mix, 2017