What Should I Do With My Degree?

We use our data to help answer the question facing millions of students.

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Every year 21 million students attend college across America, looking to discover more about themselves and the path ahead. The choice of what degree to major in usually comes down to advice from parents, friends and guidance counselors. Unfortunately, not enough attention is paid to the labor market and what the economy is really demanding. Finding your ideal career is about mixing the constraints of the labor market with what you are uniquely positioned to enjoy and succeed in.

The education to employment highway is one of the biggest challenges facing our world today. McKinsey put out a well-researched study a few years ago looking at the extreme levels of NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) youth today around the world.

Sokanu’s mission is to help every person find their ideal career. For students and young people, a large part of this comes down to what they are actually able to do with their degree. For us at Sokanu, degrees are step one - we want to make sure that any kind of post-secondary education, whether it be CTE (Career and Technical Education) training, community college, online learning, technical colleges, etc… can be mapped accurately to careers.

By leveraging our knowledge base of career data, we were able to look at what careers people end up with when they graduate. For example, below are the careers that you’re able to become with an Animal Sciences degree.

For that same degree, we also show you how relevant that degree is in today’s labor system. Using the example above, take a look at how graduates with an Animal Sciences Degree fare in today’s economy.

In summary, we want to be able to answer the question of “what can I do with this degree?” that every parent and student goes through when spending so much money on college. You can take a look at the 200+ degrees on our site here. We’ll be adding as many other forms of education as we can in the near future.

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