There are currently an estimated 15,600 agricultural inspectors in the United States. The agricultural inspector job market is expected to grow by 4.5% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are agricultural inspectors?

CareerExplorer rates agricultural inspectors with a F employability rating, meaning this career should provide poor employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 9,600 agricultural inspectors. That number is based on 700 additional agricultural inspectors, and the retirement of 8,900 existing agricultural inspectors.

Are agricultural inspectors in demand?

Stagnant job growth is projected for agricultural inspectors, due largely to the fact that employment opportunities in this small occupational field exist almost exclusively with federal and state governments. Workers in these positions tend to remain in them until retirement age, resulting in very limited openings for new entrants. In addition, governments at all levels are not expected to hire significant numbers of new inspectors, instead leaving more routine inspections to businesses in the private sector. Furthermore, consolidation has led to a decreased number of farms and consequently to a reduced demand for agricultural inspectors. However, should pending legislation requiring more thorough FDA food industry inspections be passed, demand for these inspectors is likely to increase. While entry-level inspectors typically require only a high-school diploma or GED, those who possess an associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in biology, animal science, agricultural science, or a related discipline significantly enhance their job prospects. Senior agricultural inspectors sometimes find roles as consultants or trainers in occupational health services, public health, and conservation.

What’s the supply of agricultural inspectors?

The agricultural inspector industry is concentrated in California, Georgia, Florida

Agricultural Inspector job market by state

State Name Employed Agricultural Inspectors
California 2,480
Georgia 640
Florida 600
Texas 520
Washington 440
Kansas 440
Illinois 430
Alabama 400
Iowa 390
Minnesota 370
Nebraska 350
Pennsylvania 350
Tennessee 340
Ohio 340
Virginia 340
New York 320
Arkansas 320
Missouri 290
Oklahoma 270
Wisconsin 260
Louisiana 240
Idaho 240
Colorado 220
Oregon 210
Kentucky 210
South Dakota 170
North Dakota 160
Arizona 150
Maryland 150
South Carolina 140
Delaware 140
New Jersey 110
Montana 70
Maine 60
New Mexico 50
Vermont 30
Connecticut 30
West Virginia 30