Is becoming an armored assault vehicle crew member right for me?

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How to become an Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Member

There is no post-secondary education required for this position. Candidates can enrol for the military following their high school career and serve for a number of years. Basic job training takes around six to twelve weeks to complete. It generally consists of training, both inside and outside of the classroom, under simulated combat conditions.

On-the-job training includes learning how to operate the vehicle, basic offensive and defensive strategies, map interpretation, scouting techniques, weapons training, and combat readiness. This on-the-job training will be done following the first few weeks of basic training.

For crew members that desire more of an education or want to advance to leadership ranks, there are some helpful fields of study, such as engineering, geography, physical science, history, and business administration that can be combined with an Army ROTC. All of these subjects can be studied at any two- or four-year post-secondary institution but are not requirements to obtain this position or to advance to another position.

Before enrolling in the armed forces, a legal agreement called an enlistment contract must be signed. This involves a commitment to the armed forces for a number of years. Depending on the terms of the contract, two to six of these years are spent on active duty, and the remaining years are spent in the reserves. This contract also allows for the enlistee to receive multiple benefits and bonuses as long as the enlistee serves for the entire period on a satisfactory level.