There are currently an estimated 83,300 audio visual technicians in the United States. The audio visual technician job market is expected to grow by 12.8% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are audio visual technicians?

CareerExplorer rates audio visual technicians with a C employability rating, meaning this career should provide moderate employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 16,900 audio visual technicians. That number is based on 10,700 additional audio visual technicians, and the retirement of 6,200 existing audio visual technicians.

Are audio visual technicians in demand?

Growth and demand in this field is expected to occur as more businesses, educational institutions, and radio and television stations require new equipment to improve their audio and video capabilities. Companies are increasingly embracing video conferencing to reduce travel costs. Convention centres are installing more sophisticated A/V systems to attract larger corporate meetings and conferences. Sports venues are upgrading their screen and sound technologies to enhance fan experience and increase attendance. Universities are recognizing the value of access to instructors and guest lecturers using similar technologies. The installation of interactive whiteboards is allowing teachers and corporate speakers alike to give more interactive multimedia presentations. Media outlets need to more regularly upgrade their broadcast systems to accommodate changes imposed by station mergers and syndicated or multiple-station programming. The television and motion picture industries are always seeking to improve picture quality. Movie theatres are transitioning to digital formats and 3-D screens. Home theatres are becoming more popular. Schools, hospitals, and hotels are increasingly using digital signage. All of these factors combined are expected to create employment opportunities for trained audio and video equipment technicians. Many of these openings will be with internet, cable, and communications companies, as the range of products and services in this sector expands and attracts more customers. Added opportunities should exist with suppliers of audio visual equipment and services. Despite considerably diverse options and reasonable demand, competition in the field is likely to be strong, as employers seek out versatile candidates familiar with the latest technologies, complex electronics, and related computer software. Competition for coveted positions in the radio, television, and movie industries will be especially robust.

What’s the supply of audio visual technicians?

The audio visual technician industry is concentrated in California, New York, Texas

Audio Visual Technician job market by state

State Name Employed Audio Visual Technicians
California 15,930
New York 7,280
Texas 5,190
Florida 4,040
Illinois 2,980
Nevada 2,570
Pennsylvania 2,150
Massachusetts 1,980
Georgia 1,970
Virginia 1,870
New Jersey 1,820
Washington 1,640
Tennessee 1,580
Michigan 1,500
Utah 1,440
Arizona 1,360
Ohio 1,320
Missouri 1,240
Maryland 1,220
Minnesota 1,150
North Carolina 1,060
Indiana 1,030
Connecticut 880
Alabama 870
Colorado 760
Louisiana 740
District of Columbia 730
South Carolina 660
Hawaii 590
Puerto Rico 540
Oklahoma 530
Oregon 520
Wisconsin 400
Kansas 350
Idaho 350
Iowa 340
Nebraska 330
Kentucky 320
New Mexico 310
Arkansas 240
Montana 210
Mississippi 180
North Dakota 150
Alaska 150
West Virginia 150
Delaware 140
Rhode Island 120
Vermont 110
New Hampshire 100
Maine 70
South Dakota 70
Wyoming 60