Is becoming an aviation inspector right for me?

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How to become an Aviation Inspector

Being an aviation inspector can be a difficult career and requires an understanding of the mechanical aspects of an aircraft, as well as the internal electronics and the composite material from which the structure is likely made.

With the lives of so many people in their hands, being an aviation inspector is a highly stressful job and although much of their experience is gained in a vocational setting, certification is also required from the respective aviation authority.

Most aviation inspectors obtain a two or four year degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, as well as government certification. They then attend one of the 170 FAA approved institutions where they engage in 1900 class hours; approximately 18-24 months.

There, they learn how to use the equipment and tools necessary for the job. Until they receive their FAA certification, these prospective aviation inspectors must be supervised by certified mechanics. It is recommended that an aspiring aviation inspector have five or more years of aircraft maintenance experience to qualify for the position.