Is becoming a calligrapher right for me?

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How to become a Calligrapher

While there is a lot of debate over the future of calligraphy in a digital world, many calligraphers are excited about the possibility of translating the textual process of writing into the digital world.

Calligraphy takes many years of practice and determination to perfect the different techniques. Grit and patience within the artist are key to mastering these skills. 

While it can be difficult to find a program that offers a degree in calligraphy, some schools still do offer such programs. The majority of students interested in calligraphy as a career choice earn a degree in fine arts, since calligraphy can be associated with design, graphics, and typography. 

Calligraphy is practised all over the world in many languages and has been for centuries, therefore taking history courses would be useful in order to learn about calligraphy’s past.