There are currently an estimated 178,900 cement masons in the United States. The cement mason job market is expected to grow by 12.6% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are cement masons?

CareerExplorer rates cement masons with a B- employability rating, meaning this career should provide good employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 29,400 cement masons. That number is based on 22,600 additional cement masons, and the retirement of 6,800 existing cement masons.

Are cement masons in demand?

Demand and employment opportunities for cement masons are predicted to be plentiful. Most buildings are made out of cement to some degree or another. Even glass, steel, and wooden structures almost always have a foundation comprised of a cement mixture reinforced with rebar or other materials. Over the next decade a significant number of retirements will create openings. In addition, positions continuously become available because many qualified job seekers often prefer work that is less strenuous and offers more comfortable working conditions. Demand in the field is further ensured by a growing population, and the ongoing need to build and renovate highways, bridges, commercial buildings, and private residences. Government commitments to improve overall infrastructure and stimulate economies should also generate employment. In areas prone to severe weather, the use of concrete in construction projects has increased. In Florida, for example, changes to building codes have resulted in greater use of concrete to withstand the frequency and intensity of hurricanes. These new requirements have naturally led to more opportunities for cement masons. Weather conditions and economic fluctuations may periodically delay or halt employment in this occupation. Workers experienced in polished concrete may enhance their job prospects. A small percentage of cement masons open their own contracting businesses; these masons usually specialize in sidewalks, patios, curbs, and driveways. Some experienced masons become supervisors or estimators.

What’s the supply of cement masons?

The cement mason industry is concentrated in Texas, California, Florida

Cement Mason job market by state

State Name Employed Cement Masons
Texas 21,390
California 20,980
Florida 12,850
New York 7,530
Arizona 5,940
Colorado 5,790
Illinois 5,280
Michigan 4,880
Wisconsin 4,750
Ohio 4,640
Minnesota 4,540
North Carolina 4,440
Missouri 4,390
Pennsylvania 4,300
Indiana 4,120
Virginia 4,080
Louisiana 3,850
Iowa 3,320
Nebraska 3,310
Washington 3,280
Maryland 3,270
Utah 3,040
New Jersey 2,980
Georgia 2,720
Oklahoma 2,670
Oregon 2,560
Tennessee 2,500
Nevada 2,460
Idaho 2,260
South Dakota 2,080
Kansas 2,070
Massachusetts 1,950
South Carolina 1,800
Kentucky 1,660
Alabama 1,600
Arkansas 1,470
New Mexico 1,040
North Dakota 1,000
Hawaii 830
Mississippi 730
Connecticut 710
Wyoming 690
Puerto Rico 620
Guam 590
Maine 520
Delaware 470
District of Columbia 470
Montana 400
West Virginia 320
Rhode Island 290
Vermont 190
Alaska 110
New Hampshire 100