How employable are control center specialists?

CareerExplorer rates control center specialists with a C employability rating, meaning this career should provide moderate employment opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Are control center specialists in demand?

Control center specialists play a tactical and vital role in all branches of the Armed Forces. They operate and monitor communications, detection, and weapons systems essential for controlling air, ground, and naval operations. Without their very specialized knowledge, communication between high-level military and government decision makers would be cut off and military maneuvers would virtually shut down. This indispensability means that the expertise of these specialists will continue to be in demand. As is the case for most military personnel, escalation of conflicts and the resulting strain on the Armed Forces may lead to an increase in recruitment. When the economy is healthy and civilian employment opportunities are generally more favorable, competition for these military careers may in fact decline. Aspiring control center specialists cannot enter the field with civilian experience alone. These specialists are promoted from within the military, following basic and advanced training. Therefore, civilians interested in this career enhance their prospects by preceding their entry into the military with education in information technology, electronics, and communications.