There are currently an estimated 666,900 electricians in the United States. The electrician job market is expected to grow by 8.9% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are electricians?

CareerExplorer rates electricians with an A- employability rating, meaning this career should provide great employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 67,000 electricians. That number is based on 59,600 additional electricians, and the retirement of 7,400 existing electricians.

Are electricians in demand?

The anticipated excellent outlook for this occupation is related to the constant need for upkeep of increasingly sophisticated, computerized wiring and electrical systems. Considering that nearly every building has some form of electrical power, an expected rise in new construction will mean further job prospects for electricians. The ongoing need for maintenance of older equipment in manufacturing plants and emergency electrical repairs after storms and grid blowouts creates more demand. In addition, advances in power generation will require electricians trained in the installation and maintenance of solar and wind technologies. The linking of these newer sources of energy to home and power grids will become the responsibility of electricians. More than two-thirds of all electricians in the United States work for electrical contracting firms that supply building contractors. Only about ten percent choose self-employment. Entrance into the field is generally pursued following graduation from a technical school program, completion of an apprenticeship, and the passing of an examination testing knowledge of national and regional electric codes. Candidates’ specific job prospects will greatly depend on their skill levels, training, experience, and acquired certificates and licenses. Certifications in specialty areas such as instrumentation, electrical administration, and fiber optics will open doors to further opportunities. Those who qualify for a master electrician’s license will naturally expand their employability in senior positions. Simply stated, overall demand in the field is not expected to slow because electricians ensure safety of lives and property.

What’s the supply of electricians?

The electrician industry is concentrated in California, Texas, New York

Electrician job market by state

State Name Employed Electricians
California 63,060
Texas 60,080
New York 41,920
Florida 36,820
Ohio 24,170
Illinois 22,810
Michigan 22,780
Pennsylvania 21,580
Washington 17,730
Georgia 17,330
New Jersey 16,490
Virginia 15,980
Massachusetts 15,820
North Carolina 15,680
Colorado 15,070
Indiana 14,080
Maryland 13,070
Tennessee 11,750
Louisiana 11,470
Missouri 11,180
Wisconsin 11,000
Minnesota 10,790
Arizona 10,400
Utah 9,430
Kentucky 8,870
South Carolina 8,850
Alabama 8,670
Oregon 8,360
Iowa 7,990
Connecticut 7,070
Nevada 6,310
Oklahoma 5,970
Arkansas 5,730
Mississippi 5,520
Kansas 5,320
Nebraska 4,960
New Mexico 4,030
Idaho 3,880
West Virginia 3,650
North Dakota 3,540
Hawaii 3,470
Wyoming 2,240
South Dakota 2,230
Montana 2,170
New Hampshire 2,150
Rhode Island 1,960
Delaware 1,910
Maine 1,870
Alaska 1,610
Puerto Rico 1,420
District of Columbia 1,190
Vermont 1,080
Guam 400
Virgin Islands, U.S. 110