Is becoming a horse trainer right for me?

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How to become a Horse Trainer

For a person to qualify for the position of horse trainer, they need to have prior experience working with and riding horses. This includes professional riding experience, former training, or an educational background in veterinary technology or equine science

Schooling is not required in order to become a horse trainer, although people who aspire to become trainers can take specialized courses which include horsemanship, facility management, equine behaviour, animal ethics, and nutrition. Many trainers work their way up by starting out in the stables, cleaning and grooming the horses. Some trainers start off as apprentices where they exercise the horses, perform stable chores, feed, groom, and perform other duties that are required of them.

Many horse trainers become entrepreneurs who eventually have their own training businesses. Not only are these horse trainers dealing with horses everyday, but they are also working with the owners of the horses to make sure everyone's needs are met.