Is becoming a lyricist right for me?

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How to become a Lyricist

In order to be a successful lyricist, one must be a creative person with the ability to put thoughts down on paper in an artistic manner. Often, songs are full of different types of meter, rhyme, or imagery. Many songs are poetic pieces with a musical overlay. If one is able to write poetry, there is a good chance they would be able to write lyrics.

An advantage for a promising lyricist would be to take a few musical theory classes and learn the basics of a common instrument such as the piano or guitar. Some individuals choose to go to school and get a Bachelor's Degree in Songwriting, Music, or Music Theory and Composition.

The key to being a writer in any field is simply to write often. You should always be working on your writing skills by keeping a journal, or having ongoing poetical works, stories, articles, or essays. It is not good to let your cognitive creativity go into atrophy, as it will affect your success as a lyricist.