There are currently an estimated 1,432,600 maintenance workers in the United States. The maintenance worker job market is expected to grow by 7.9% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are maintenance workers?

CareerExplorer rates maintenance workers with a B- employability rating, meaning this career should provide good employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 118,100 maintenance workers. That number is based on 112,500 additional maintenance workers, and the retirement of 5,600 existing maintenance workers.

Are maintenance workers in demand?

Job stability and demand are projected to continue for maintenance workers. This is a large occupation that is a mainstay of the general economy. Infrastructure of all kinds – office and apartment buildings; schools; hospitals and care facilities; hotels; retail malls; and factories – requires ongoing maintenance and repair. While buildings are increasingly controlled and monitored by computers, the introduction of automation to the industry will not eliminate the need for care and upkeep by human hands. Over the next decade, many job openings are expected as a result of the need to replace a large number of retirees from the field. Experienced maintenance workers may advance to higher-level positions that often involve managing multiple building sites. These positions typically go to applicants who possess the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) designation. This globally recognized certification is offered by the International Facility Management Association. Candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree and at least three years of work experience to take the CFM exam.

What’s the supply of maintenance workers?

The maintenance worker industry is concentrated in California, Texas, New York

Maintenance Worker job market by state

State Name Employed Maintenance Workers
California 126,420
Texas 108,470
New York 103,380
Florida 85,890
Illinois 61,320
Pennsylvania 58,330
Ohio 53,280
Georgia 43,680
North Carolina 42,160
Michigan 40,660
Indiana 34,160
Washington 33,000
Wisconsin 32,690
Virginia 32,320
New Jersey 30,530
Missouri 29,680
Tennessee 29,240
South Carolina 26,860
Arizona 25,030
Louisiana 24,680
Massachusetts 24,270
Minnesota 23,020
Colorado 22,690
Maryland 21,590
Kentucky 21,040
Oregon 15,650
Nevada 14,930
Oklahoma 14,830
Iowa 14,210
Alabama 13,630
Kansas 13,560
Mississippi 12,380
Arkansas 12,210
Utah 11,920
Connecticut 10,920
West Virginia 9,750
New Mexico 8,490
Nebraska 8,160
Hawaii 7,440
Puerto Rico 6,850
Idaho 6,390
District of Columbia 5,110
Maine 4,580
Montana 4,510
New Hampshire 4,280
Alaska 3,960
Rhode Island 3,810
North Dakota 3,770
Delaware 3,550
Wyoming 3,450
South Dakota 2,680
Vermont 2,650
Guam 830
Virgin Islands, U.S. 720