Is becoming a marine electrician right for me?

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How to become a Marine Electrician

Marine electricians receive their training either through informal on-the-job training, or through an apprenticeship program. Marine electrician training programs are typically offered by schools of seamanship and specialized trade schools. These programs prepare students to work on electrical projects associated with boats, ships, and other marine equipment.

Students learn the basics of electrical theory, system design, maintenance protocol and acquire some specialized skills that can be used throughout their careers. They also learn how to check various types of electrical equipment, work with blueprints, install and fix various types of wiring systems in a boat, ship or other marine devices, and also connect power supply circuits to radios and other electronic equipment.

Electricians who have already completed an apprenticeship program and achieved certification may end up completing marine electrician training to advance in their careers. Note that employment in this field may require special certifications, depending on the types of ships an electrician works on.