Is becoming a precious metal worker right for me?

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How to become a Precious Metal Worker

A precious metal worker who works with molten metals must have excellent body awareness and be able to focus for long periods of time without growing distracted and endangering themselves and those around them. Those who embellish metal objects that have already been cast must have a tremendous eye for detail, a steady hand and excellent visual and spatial intelligence. This type of intricate, highly detailed work also requires dextrous finger control, a steady hand and great patience, particularly if the precious metal worker must rely solely upon hand tools.

Excellent vision is another important asset; precious metal workers must be able to comfortably focus on tiny areas for hours at a stretch without visual fatigue. Precious metal workers do not need a college degree, although any academic or practical design experience is universally valuable. Many new metal workers enter the field with an apprenticeship, which offers valuable practical experience and networking benefits within the metal working community.

A precious metal worker must also be an ethical individual who can be trusted around large amounts of valuable materials, including gold. This is a concern for all workers who deal with expensive objects, and especially for those who create, refine or repair cutlery, jewelry and other small pieces that could be easily concealed in a pocket or purse. The price of gold, silver and platinum varies according to current conditions on the commodities market; however, all three metals command universally high prices.