Is becoming a prosthodontist right for me?

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How to become a Prosthodontist

Steps To Becoming a Prosthodontist:
- Earn a bachelor's degree (preferably in a science)
- Complete undergraduate science classes in biology, physics, psychology, and English
- Take the Dental Admission Test (at least one year before applying to dental school)
- Graduate from dental school - a four year program
- Get licensed - all dentists must pass both parts of the National Board Dental Examinations
- Complete residency training - a three year program
- *Obtain certification - a four-part examination including one written test and three oral tests

Prosthodontists, in addition to their basic dental education, have to successfully complete an advanced postdoctoral educational program in Prosthodontics. This additional education provides them not only with enhanced knowledge and skills in their specialty, but also enables them to interact with researchers and clinical experts in other dental/medical fields in order to get a broad insight in diagnosing and solving oral health problems.

*A board certified prosthodontist has passed an examination conducted by the American Board of Prosthodontics, and must get re-certified every eight years to insure that he or she is current in practices that affect the specialty. Certification is not necessary for prosthodontists, but many choose to seek this professional distinction through the ABP.