Is becoming a pump operator right for me?

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How to become a Pump Operator

Pump operators are required to take training courses for their specific jobs and must have knowledge of the structure of the English language. They also receive on the job training. If a pump operator will be working with a crane, they are required to take a licensing test in 16 of the states in the US. They are also required to have knowledge of relevant equipment that they will be working with, including policies and safety operations, and comply with all state safety regulations.

Skills needed:

  • knowledge of computers and electronics, including circuit boards, hardware and software, and programming

  • familiarity with production and processing; this includes knowledge of raw materials and quality control

  • operation monitoring; operators check dials and gauges to make sure the machines are working properly

  • critical thinking; workers need to be able to think on their feet in the event of a machine malfunction or an emergency

  • being an active listener; much of this job involves communicating information with other workers and team members

  • excellent reading and comprehension skills; in order to understand work orders and various documents

  • good hand-eye coordination; operators perform duties that require attention to the smallest detail, especially when adjusting various controls