Is becoming a real estate appraiser right for me?

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How to become a Real Estate Appraiser

The requirements to become a fully qualified appraiser are complex and vary by jurisdiction, and sometimes by the value or type of property. In general, most appraisers of residential real estate must have at least an associate’s degree, while appraisers of commercial real property must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Courses in subjects such as economics, finance, mathematics, computer science, English, and business or real estate law can be very useful for prospective appraisers and assessors. Employers generally require these candidates to take basic appraisal courses, complete on-the-job training through an apprenticeship, and work enough hours to meet the requirements for appraisal licenses or certificates.

Other requirements:

  • Real estate appraisers use many sources of data when valuing real estate. As a result, they must carefully research and analyze all data before producing a final written report.

  • Because appraisers must regularly interact with clients, being polite and friendly is important. In addition, these characteristics may help expand future business opportunities.

  • To successfully accomplish all the tasks related to appraising a property, appraisers of real estate need good organizational skills.

  • They often work under time constraints, sometimes appraising many properties in a single day. As a result, managing time and being able to meet deadlines is important.

  • They also may encounter unexpected problems when appraising or assessing a property’s value. The ability to develop and apply an alternative solution is crucial to successfully completing the report on time.