How employable are sommeliers?

CareerExplorer rates sommeliers with a D employability rating, meaning this career should provide weak employment opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Are sommeliers in demand?

The employment spectrum for sommeliers has widened. Historically employed only at fine-dining restaurants, sommeliers may now work as winemakers and in wine distribution, sales, and education. The field, however, is specialized and fairly exclusive; and the demand for sommeliers is closely linked to the state of the economy. A robust economy, in which more people spend more money dining out and enjoying fine wines, may lead to increased employment for sommeliers. However, even many high-end restaurants do not employ a sommelier, relying instead on an experienced waiter or maitre-d’ to assist patrons with their wines selection. Wine recruiters such as Wine Talent, Wine Pro Recruiters, and Wine & Spirits Recruiting specialize in wine industry placements and are best equipped to assess the current demand for sommeliers.