Is becoming a trapper right for me?

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How to become a Trapper

There is no formal education or school that one can go to to learn the skills involved in trapping. Most people learn to trap as a child by going hunting with their father or another adult. They pick up hunting and trapping skills throughout their childhood and hone their skills as an adult. There are safety courses that one can take to learn about trapping and hunting safety. Most countries around the world require that trappers be licensed. Each country and state has their own regulations and licensing rules for trappers. Apart from being licensed, there are certain skills that successful trappers must possess.

  • Keen instinct
  • Keen vision
  • Knowledge of safety regulations
  • Skills in using traps
  • Knowledge of using poison and baits to trap animals
  • Vast knowledge of animals and their habitats
  • Keen eyesight
  • Knowledge of maps and GPS
  • Animal track identification
  • High level of physical fitness
  • First aid skills
  • Snake identification skills