Is becoming a urologist right for me?

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How to become a Urologist

In order to work as a licensed urologist, a medical degree is required. Urologists are required to complete three years of college before entering medical school, and most students have a bachelor's degree in chemistry or biology upon enrolment. Once a urologist completes the required medical school requirements, they will complete a residency in a hospital specializing in urology. The residency period is five years, and when the five years are completed, the student will then be required to pass a board exam in their specialty. After they have completed their residency and passed the board exam, they can apply for work at various hospitals, and many urologists open up their own practices.

Urologists are also required to comply with the newest medical technology, which can mean updating their practices when necessary, and also means they will have to continue on with their education when required to do so.