There are currently an estimated 431,800 welders in the United States. The welder job market is expected to grow by 1.4% between 2022 and 2032.

How employable are welders?

CareerExplorer rates welders with a C employability rating, meaning this career should provide moderate employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 12,800 welders. That number is based on 6,200 additional welders, and the retirement of 6,600 existing welders.

Are welders in demand?

The importance of welding in the manufacturing process is the principal driver of demand for welders. In fact, two of every three welding jobs are found in the various sectors of manufacturing: architectural and structural metals; agriculture, construction, and mining machinery; motor vehicle and trailer bodies; commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance; and general purpose machinery. Aging infrastructures in many cities will also mean that welders will be needed to repair and rebuild bridges, highways, and buildings. Because welding skills do not vary between industries, welders can easily transfer from one industry to another; they are therefore more likely than professionals in other trades to remain employed during economic downturns. Welders are fortunate to be able to apply their knowledge in a multitude of industries including robotics, engineering, transportation, construction, shipbuilding, metal sculpting, and welding education. Quite simply, welding is involved in the creation of every structure, from park benches to skyscrapers and it is a difficult process to completely automate, making the occupation resistant to negative forces. Aspiring welders with one or more CW (Certified Welder) certifications and who are trained in the latest welding techniques, technologies, and equipment will enjoy greater job security and higher pay.

What’s the supply of welders?

The welder industry is concentrated in Texas, California, Ohio

Welder job market by state

State Name Employed Welders
Texas 49,510
California 26,550
Ohio 17,310
Pennsylvania 15,320
Wisconsin 14,250
Louisiana 14,210
Indiana 13,740
Florida 13,200
Illinois 12,950
Michigan 12,240
Georgia 10,780
Minnesota 9,650
Missouri 9,550
North Carolina 9,470
Oklahoma 9,440
Alabama 9,330
New York 9,180
Washington 8,560
Iowa 8,370
Tennessee 8,250
Kentucky 7,430
Virginia 7,340
South Carolina 6,260
Mississippi 6,230
Kansas 5,600
Arizona 5,350
Colorado 4,880
Arkansas 4,770
Utah 4,270
New Jersey 4,240
Nebraska 4,050
Oregon 3,700
Massachusetts 3,350
Idaho 3,140
South Dakota 3,000
Connecticut 2,590
West Virginia 2,210
North Dakota 2,160
Maryland 2,080
Nevada 1,830
Wyoming 1,780
New Mexico 1,700
Maine 1,680
Rhode Island 1,400
Montana 1,310
Puerto Rico 1,100
New Hampshire 940
Alaska 630
Delaware 630
Hawaii 570
Vermont 230
Guam 170
District of Columbia 40