Is becoming a wellhead pumper right for me?

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How to become a Wellhead Pumper

The education required to be a wellhead pumper is generally at minimum a high school diploma. Much of the job is learned on site, with companies providing training. Some vocational training is often preferred. This could include certificates related to Occupational Health and Safety, confined spaces, dangerous materials handling, H2S and first aid. Performance evaluations are also conducted on a regular basis to ensure skill maintenance.

As the job primarily involves the operation of pumps used in oil production, a pumper needs to have comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the production process. They need to understand quality control procedures and pay very close attention to safety at all times. Monitoring gauges and measurement tools means the pumper should have good multitasking abilities, be a critical thinker able to solve complex problems, and be able to exercise good judgment and make sound decisions under pressure.

A pumper also needs good mechanical skills, and an understanding of machines and tools, operation and maintenance. Knowledge of raw materials is helpful, although much of this is learned on the job. Good mathematical ability is important. Good eyesight and hand-eye coordination are also required. Workers need to be physically fit and have strength and durability. With most jobs in the oil, gas and mining industry, drug tests are required. Many large companies also do psychological testing to ensure a worker is able to exercise good judgment in an emergency and shows no instability.