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Accounting and Related Studies is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Accounting



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    Degree programs in accounting prepare students for the work of gathering, recording, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, and communicating financial information. This includes examining accounting records, reconciling accounts, preparing financial reports, and completing tax returns. The typical curriculum includes classes in mathematics, business management, business communication, finance, and economics.

    These are some of the core accounting courses:

    • Accounting Systems
    • Financial Accounting
    • Federal Income Tax Procedure
    • Accounting Software Programs
    • Business, Corporate, and Investment Taxes
    • Accounting Information Systems
    • Financial Statements
    • Financial Analysis
    • Internal Auditing
    • Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting
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  • Auditing



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    Auditors review accounting records and verify that they are accurate and legitimate. Auditing degree programs give students the skills needed to professionally carry out this responsibility.

    By definition, auditing goes hand in hand with accounting. In fact, it is not uncommon for auditors to hold a degree in accounting instead of in the more specialized field of auditing. There is natural crossover between the two curricula as well, but the focus of each field is different.

    Accounting is about financial process – transactions like payroll, tax deductions, vendor payments, tax return preparation, and income statement/balance sheet reconciliation. Auditing is about financial checks – examination, analysis, and verification.

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