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    Botanists, also known as plant biologists, are scientists who study plants. But the subject matter of their work goes far beyond plant anatomy. Botanists study crop cultivation, soil erosion, the chemical properties of plants, and more – for application to many different fields, including ecology, agriculture and food, medicine, and energy.

    The courses taken by botany students prepare them to join the field and work to answer questions like these: Which plants have medicinal properties? How can we help useful plants grow more efficiently? How can we control invasive species? Which plants will benefit this soil or farm? How do some plants survive extreme climates? Which plants and strains of plants provide the most food fiber for humans? Which pollinators rely on this plant? What is the relationship between this plant and another organism?

    As these wide-ranging questions prove, botany is for more than just nature lovers. It is for explorers, experimenters, and innovators.

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