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Computer Science and Related Studies is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

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    Computer Science

    Do new technologies excite you? Are you logical, creative, and persistent? Do you enjoy solving complex problems?

    If so, a degree in computer science could be for you. This fascinating field combines aspects of math, logic, and technology. It explores the science of computer hardware and software systems. Computer science students learn about a diverse range of topics. They take courses in computer theory, hardware and software systems, and scientific computing. They learn to master different programming tools and languages. They also develop strong critical thinking abilities and a long list of transferrable skills.

    In our plugged in society, virtually every company now relies on computers. So it's no surprise that computer science graduates are in high demand and that jobs in this sector are expected to grow in the future.

    Think computer science might be in your future? In this article, we'll offer a broad overview of what this degree can offer you. Specifically, we'll answer the following questions:

    • What sets computer science apart from related fields?
    • What are the different kinds of computer science degrees?
    • What skills will you gain by studying computer science?
    • Who hires computer science graduates?
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