Technology is so central to every category of engineering that it has led to several distinct degree options. Programs in engineering technologies and related studies teach the principles and technical skills needed to support engineers. And because the field is so broad, students can focus on technologies specific to their area of interest.

If architecture excites you, you can study engineering drawing and drafting, model building, and computer graphics. If you are fascinated by the infrastructure around you, focus on learning civil engineering technologies. If you’re interested in computers or programming, there are programs in hardware, software, and systems design. The list goes on. There are majors with a technical focus aimed at producing qualified support staff for every kind of engineering.

So, whether your passions lie in design, construction, computers, mechanics and machinery, electronics and instrumentation, production and manufacturing, mining, or the environment, this is an area of study that may have a fit for you.

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With so many categories within engineering technologies programs, it can be a bit daunting when trying to decide which best fits your interests or career aspirations. To help you decipher the diversity, we're breaking down 11 popular options below: